How do I input incidental expenses, travel and meal allowance?

Schedulers can adjust a wide range of fees within your system. The first of such can be added by adjusting individual game fees (i.e. game fee, travel, tolls, per diem, other), if the fee is associated with a particular game. This can be done by clicking the green dollar sign ($) that is to the right of the user's name on the master game schedule. You can also access this adjustment screen by going to the game details and then click the "manually adjust" link above the user's fee structure. You can also add payroll adjustments to your system if you are looking at add or remove fees that are not related to a particular game. This is useful for annual dues, donations, gifts, fund raisers, or any other value thatis not associated with a particular game. This can be accessed by going to the Administrative Forms and the click Payroll Adjustments.

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