"No positions created yet"

If schedulers are receiving the "no positions created yet" message that is because they are trying to schedule a game for which they have no positions (i.e. referee, linesman, umpire, plate, line judge, AR, etc, etc) assigned to that particular game/event level. To create new positions or view/edit your existing positions the scheduler would go to their Administrative Forms, then click Add/Edit Official Positions. This could also read Add/Edit Umpire Positions, Add/Edit Users Positions, etc, etc, depending on how you have setup your system and what reference label you have given your users. From here you can add new positions for the particular game/event level (game/event code) you are scheduling. Your system will need to have at least one positions for each game/event level in your system. If your system is using leagues (based on your system settings) then you will need at least one position for every league & game/event code combination. Once a position is added for the particular event you were trying to schedule, you may now go back to the event and the positions will be listed in your scheduling window, instead of the "no positions created yet" message.

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